Everyman Cinema, Manchester

  • Client: Everyman Media Ltd
  • Architect: Fusion Design & Architecture
  • Value: £1.40m
  • Duration: 17 Weeks

Everyman Cinema, a boutique cinema chain have opened their doors in Manchester city centre. 

Guests are welcomed into an opulent bar and dining space, allowing customers to drink, dine and relax before watching the latest blockbuster, classics from the archives and live art events.

Offering a truly unique cinema experience, the venue houses a total of three boutique screens ranging from 59 seats, for a cosy experience, up to 119 seats for larger audiences. 

Each screen features a mix of sofas and armchairs, allowing guests to relax with food and drink delivered right to their seat. 

The 10,500 sq ft venue is situated within the ABC Buildings, part of Allied London’s Enterprise City development.